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Episode 370

Little Clues On How the Online Marketing Industry is Doing

Published on: 11th September, 2023

Welcome back to the Systems Saved Me® podcast! I'm Jordan, and I'm sharing my takeaways and observations about the current state of the online marketing industry.


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Systems Saved Me®
Entrepreneurship is meant to give you freedom and flexibility - but how does that actually happen? Systems of course! On the Systems Saved Me® podcast, each week top ranking podcast host and multi-million dollar business mentor Jordan Gill lifts the hood to show you behind the scenes of successful businesses with freedom at its core. This podcast features guest interviews, digestible strategies, and thought-provoking prompts for you to build a life-first business too. Follow Jordan @systemssavedme on Instagram for daily advice and strategies on building an online business. Subscribe to Systems Saved Me® Podcast and share the show with your biz besties!

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