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Episode 381

Celebrating 8 Years in Business: 2016-2024 and Beyond

Published on: 1st May, 2024

Podcast Episode Synopsis: "Navigating Life Changes and Prioritizing Family"

Hey there, it's Jordan Gill, the host of the System Saved Me® Podcast. In this episode, I open up about the reasons behind my unexpected sabbatical from the podcast and reflect on the significant changes in my life and business over the past eight years.

I share how life events, including personal losses and family challenges, have led me to reevaluate my priorities and make significant adjustments in my business model and work schedule. I discuss the impact of grief on my perspective and decision-making, highlighting the importance of focusing on revenue-generating activities and creating space for personal well-being.

As I navigate through a season of change and uncertainty, I reveal my plans to shift the focus of the podcast towards showcasing other successful business owners and their stories. I introduce the concept of Online Supper Clubs/Breakfast Clubs, where participants engage in deep and meaningful conversations, transcending business models and focusing on human connections.

I acknowledge the challenges of maintaining authenticity and transparency while protecting the privacy of my family during difficult times. I emphasize the importance of grace and understanding in times of struggle and encourage listeners to prioritize what truly matters in their lives.

Throughout the episode, I express gratitude for the support of my listeners and the opportunity to share valuable insights and experiences. I look forward to continuing to provide engaging content and meaningful conversations in the upcoming episodes, featuring inspiring interviews and discussions with a diverse range of guests.

Thank you for tuning in to the System Saved Me® Podcast, where we explore the invisible systems at work in business and life. Stay connected on Instagram @SystemSavedMe and join me on this journey of growth and transformation. See you in the next episode!


00:00:00 - Introduction to Podcast Hiatus

00:05:30 - Reflecting on Business Growth and Personal Changes

00:10:00 - Adjusting Business Model and Priorities

00:13:22 - Transition to Showcasing Others on Platform

00:16:09 - Online Supper Club and Community Building

00:20:02 - Reducing Work Week and Prioritizing Family

00:25:00 - Navigating Difficult Life Situations

00:27:00 - Future Plans and Exciting Interviews


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