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Episode 366

How to Repurpose Podcast Content Into a Personality Quiz - A Case Study

Published on: 30th August, 2023

Welcome to another episode of Systems Saved Me®, the podcast where we dive deep into strategies and systems that have transformed businesses and lives.

We have a special guest! Linda is a personality expert and quiz creator who has utilized the power of quizzes to revolutionize her own business and help others do the same.

In this episode, Linda shares her insights on how quizzes can be an incredible tool for lead generation, audience segmentation, and building trust with potential clients. She goes deep in a case study of Ellen Yin from Cubicle to CEO to reveal what results you can actually get from offering a personality quiz!


🔗 Ellen Yin's Quiz


[00:01:12] Linda's background in derma sales, personalized approach, successful sales.

[00:05:08] Which personality assessment Linda uses to divide results into 4 different categories.

[00:07:28] Linda's client, Ellen Yin created a quiz to help achieve her mission of helping others. The quiz had nine to ten questions instead of the usual 100, and it served the ego of the participants while also serving Ellen's goals.

[00:11:57] How to create a quiz title that attracts right audience while being clear and simple.

[00:15:26] How to repurpose podcast episodes into personalized quiz results.

[00:18:34] How Ellen's busy-ness during the quiz launch still got major results

[00:26:33] How to learn more from Linda and how to discover your Quiz to Cash Strategy



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